mk pit stop

"Great service, more choice and selection than most."                                                                                                                                          Ben Michaud

"I have known Mark and Kirsten for several years, they are a lovely and industrious working couple who have always been friendly and helpful to us. Over the past number of years, Mark who is an excellent master mechanic has changed brake pads and rotors and installed sensors for my catalytic convertor on my Spyder and his work is always excellent and done at a reasonable price. Recently, as part of their new mobile tire shop they came to our home to change a flat tire and did a great job at a price slightly more than at a garage. The service and convenience was most welcome, no waiting for CAA or tow truck and waiting hours to have a tire changed was much appreciated. The service offered by MK Pit Stop is a really good initiative especially for people with more than one vehicle or who don't have time to wait at other tire shops to change summer to winter tires. This timely service will be very popular this winter. I want to wish them every success with this new endeavour. Definitely two thumbs up!"

                                                                                Ian Wright

"I was having a lot of trouble getting my wheel off my truck, I brought it to different dealerships and they wanted to charge me a fortune.  I brought it to Mark, the tire was fixed in less than an hour and at a quarter of the charge.  Since then I've been taking my vehicles to Mark and Kirsten and I couldn't be more happy!" 
                                                                                 Stephanie Wilson

"I just wanted to thank the MK Pit Stop team for servicing my car. My car needed 4 new tires replaced on a vehicle that was sitting on 3 flat tires. From the first call to their arrival and completion of the service of my wheels, this duo were professional.Professional and nice people. I was very impressed to watch them work, from carefully lifting my car to the work they did on my wheels in their mobile shop-in-a-trailer.They even had time to discuss wheel upgrades and other vehicle related questions I had.This service easily saved me at least $60.00, or more!I also appreciated how fast Kirsten was at obtaining information about wheel upgrades. I recommend MK Pit Stop to anybody needing tire and wheel service without the hassle of getting their vehicle to a garage."               
                                                                                Stephen Bowering, Capital e-Waste

"I purchased four new tires and had them installed by MK Pit Stop - Mobile Tire Shop and the service and quality was beyond what I expected. My car feels like I am driving on air and I now feel safe. Everything was done in a very professional and courteous manner."                                                                                  
                                                                                Lorraine Ten Oever


"Well, I just had the most enjoyable "tire change" experience with MK Pit Stop. As an alternative, I drove to their place of business, sat in the sunshine in fresh, clean air, while old tires were swapped with the new. Stress free, great price, and efficient, friendly service. Will definitely go back for future service when needed. Thanks Kirsten and Mark!"

                                                                                    Francine Elizabeth Gooderham

"So happy with the service! I love the convenience of you coming to me! Thanks so much for the great brake job"               

                                                                                   Janine Légaré

"Fantastic experience with MK Pit Stop ..... They come to you and change your tires!!! What a great business this is! Highly recommend this folks!"

                                                                                               Wendy Walters

"MK Pit Stop's customer service is #1 and the value of having them come to my house to change my tires while I tend to my family's needs is absolutely priceless!"

                                                                                   Chantal Coutu

"Amazing service. Came right to my house. I am all set for winter."

                                                                                   Meghan Andrews

"I wanted to let you all know about a great service story. Before Christmas we needed to change our tires over.  The winter tires were in the hangar and we were not looking forward to driving out there, loading them into the car, driving to Canadian Tire have them installed and driving the others back to the hangar for storage. I heard about mkpitstop through a friend. They do on-site tire changeovers along with other related services. Kirsten met me at the hangar with her in-truck garage and had everything done in about an hour. She was friendly and knowledgeable and I wanted to highly recommend her and her husband's business!! Nice to have great service these days. "

                                                                                   Jackie Morris       


"Recently I had to change the valve stems on my winter tires (much too long), I called MK Pit Stop, who made the change at my home, and I was privileged to see Mark in operation----I was very impressed with his attention to detail---an efficient operation. I highly recommend their service."
                                                                                    Bill Berdnikoff

"I've brought my car and my wife's car several times to see Mark for various reasons and have been nothing but completely satisfied with not only the timeliness but the quality of work he has done. I have recommended him to family and friends and will continue to bring our cars to him for any work needed."
                                                                                    Sean Davey

"New customer really impressed with MK Pit Stop's services. Professional, punctual, convenient, good pricing. Highly recommend! :)"

                                                                                    Sarah Steeves  

"Thank you so much for the great service, I will never have to leave home again for our tire needs. All the best."

                                                                                    Stephen Tymchuk

"Mark and Kirsten have consistently gone above and beyond to make sure that our vehicle is running on safe tires!"

                                                                                    Aaron Reimer

"Loving the at home service from MK PIT STOP. They even did the neighbors car. These guys are awesome."

                                                                                    Rhonda Rutledge