Connecting with the Community

North Gower Co-operative Nursery School - Friends and family of the nursery school can use our services and receive money off as well as money going back to the nursery school to help their needs.  Read more: NGCNSFf

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Ottawa - Use a coupon that you receive off the MS Society Website, MS Facebook or MS Twitter account and money from your purchase will help fund research to end MS. Having a family member with Multiple Sclerosis, we know that money that the MS Society receives goes directly to helping individuals with MS in Ottawa with their needs, funding research and increasing their quality of life.  Find out how you can help:  MS Society

Kemptville District Hospital Foundation - We set up shop on November 21st 2013 at the Kemptville District hospital to change the summer to winter tires for all staff members at the hospital with 10% of tire services going to the KDH Foundation. This event will take place again for the Spring  and Fall Tire Changeover Seasons in 2014.  KDH Foundation


If you have any charities or organizations you want to FUNDRAISE for contact us for more information.

2013 Kinsmen Santa Claus Parade in Kemptville​ - November 16th 2013, partnering with Rock My House Music Centre in Kemptville we participated in this parade. Our truck pulled a float full of excited family and friends with Christmas music playing. We had volunteers handing out candy, business cards, and flyers, and some playing instruments, provided by the Music Centre. Santa arrived with Christmas cheer for all!

Click here to see more pictures of the parade: NG Chamber of Commerce

For more information on the Music Centre and their services click here: Rock My House Music Centre 

MK PIT STOP GETS MORE AIR TIME - MK PITSTOP was showcased on the CTV noon, 6 o’clock and 11 o’clock news by Michael O’Byrne on The Consumer Alert. Two customers had their winter tires changed for summer ones at the convenience of their office. On air, they gave glowing accounts of their satisfaction with the convenient service that MK PITSTOP provided! Thank you CTV!

To see it for yourself, visit: The Consumer Alert

CTV MORNING LIVE-  April 14th, 2014,  we were interviewed by Lianne Laing about the benefits of having a mobile tire shop coming to your home or location of your choice. We talked about all the services we offer, and were able to give a demonstration of a seasonal tire changeover on one of a CTV staff member's vehicle.

See our video: CTV Morning Live: MK Pit Stop

CTV MORNING LIVE - November 6th 2013, standing inside our Mobile Tire Shop, the interview by Lianne Laing included talking about the advantages of using MK Pit Stop and describing our services. We also had the opportunity of doing a demonstration of a seasonal tire changeover on one of the CTV's staff member's vehicle.  

See our video: CTV Morning Live: MK Pit Stop

KEMPTVILLE ADVANCE - November 7th 2013, we gave a tour of our Mobile Tire Shop and answered questions pertaining to our business during an interview given by Jennifer Westerndorp. 

Check out our article: MK PIT STOP brings new meaning to convenience

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Member of the North Grenville Chamber of Commerce - 2013

We joined the Chamber to connect with other local businesses in the community because we think its important to support them. 

Oct 5th 2013, was our Ribbon Cutting Day. Family and Friends along with Chamber Executive Director & CEO, Wendy Chapman, Mayor Dave Gordon and Councillors Barb Tobin and Tim Sutton joined in the celebration! We also received a congrats from MPP Steve Clark through North Grenville Mayor Dave Gordon. This was a special moment for us as we were welcomed into the community! Thank-you to everyone involved!

To see more of the event: MK PIT STOP Ribbon Cutting

For all the advantages of, and how to become a North Grenville Chamber of Commerce Member:


COUNCILLOR FOR HIRE -  We were joined by Councillor Scott Moffatt for the afternoon, as part of a Councillor for Hire initiative. He rolled up his sleeves and worked alongside us as we took care of the tire needs of cars from Dymon Self Storage in Ottawa. He felt he was part of a pit crew as the cars rolled in to have their tires changed, and drove off when we were finished. Kudos to Councillor Moffatt! ​ To read the whole article: CLICK HERE

For more information on:

Councillor Scott Moffatt: CLICK HERE